• Oscar 2018: Controversies of nominees for Best Picture Award

    Plagiarism? Lack of historical accuracy? Bans? Condescension with racism? Accusations of "pedophilia"? It has controversy for everything that is taste.


    It is natural to disagree on the artistic quality of any type of work. It is an activity that defines the nature of the office of a film critic and of a full right of the assiduous or leap-freak moviegoer, exercised in bar-talk, internet forums and social networks. These conversations help consolidate a movi...

  • Disney plans 16 new live-action movies, but pulls out Christmas movie with Anna Kendrick from the release calendar

    Separate paper and pen as Disney has scheduled the release of 17 live-action movies by 2023! This announcement was made during the recent changes to its debut calendar - which also featured the transition from the new version of Mulan to 2020 and the announcement of 7 Marvel films.

    The big surprise was that Disney withdrew Nicole - a Christmas film that brings Anna Kendrick as Santa's daughter - from such a calendar. Previously scheduled for November 8, 2019, rumors point that the comedy enters into the catalog of future stre...

  • Marvel announces new release dates until 2022

    Disney has booked 29 new release dates for various projects by 2023. Among them are seven new Marvel films. See the dates below:

    - July 31, 2020 (previously announced for August 7);

    - May 7, 2021;

    - July 30, 2021;

    - November 5, 2021;

    - February 18, 2022;

    - May 6, 2022;

    - July 29, 2022;

    Although officially announced dates have no title, it is likely that the first of them is Guardians of t...